2002 E39 M5

2002 M5 BMW for SaleSome people say after driving an e39 m5, that it is the best car they’ve ever driven.  You can kill a Porsche or take four adults out for dinner.  Or both. Just do it before dinner.

The 2002 e39 M5 signals the second to last year this car was produced with again, very few changes.

In 2002 those brilliant M Power performance techs managed to further improved ride quality without sacrificing any of the potent handling qualities of the car.

DSC (Dynamic Stability Control) remained as one of the cars more loved then hated features.  Be forewarned however, that once you turn it off, you literally have a race car on your hands with no limits but those you choose to ignore.

In 2002, DSC includes all aspects of control to help keep you out of the ditch…or worse: abs, traction (braking) and stability (direction) management with inputs from both yaw and lateral acceleration.  Some have said that the DSC system is akin to a mother grabbing a child about to jump off a cliff, when in fact the child is merely hopping off a curb.

The point being that many complain the system is just too sensitive.
Anyway, at this point in the 2002 BMW M5 market – it’s safe to say that BMW has redefined fast and very smooth.  Some report that the stickiness of this car to the road is unmatched by other auto makers.

Something that many don’t talk about when it comes to the M5, especially the e39 – is its braking ability.  60 to 0 specs show 156 feet, which for a four thousand pound car is simply incredible.


When you look through the e39 m5’s beautiful five spoke wheel design, you will see a GIANT, large pizza pan sized rotor stuffed inside each of the front wheels.  The gripping and stopping power these provide is incredible.

Very much about this car includes a happy interior space full of fantastic amenities, which make great companions to while away the miles.  And eat miles this car does.  It is a terrific road trip car.

Expect to feel a tremendous sense of value owning a 2002 BMW m5.  Even though these cars require premium unleaded gas and are not cheap to fix, they are totally worth the cash it takes to keep them on the road.

The driving experience in the e39 m5 is second to maybe one or two other cars for the money.

A 2002 BMW M5 will give you great seats, dressy looks and lots of room for your lifestyle. You may even forget that it has four doors and a really big trunk.   It’s very likely that you’ll find it has more power than you’ll ever need, but when you do – it’s there to put a smile on your face.

There are plenty of color options in the 2002 BMW m5 marketplace.  Some of the more rare colors include Imola Red and Alpine White.  Interior options that became more desirable into this 2002 model year included a two tone leather interior and a brushed aluminum insert package instead of the polished walnut.

4 Responses to “2002 E39 M5”

  1. Bruce on February 2nd, 2010 10:43 pm

    3 simple questions:-

    1.do you know where to get M5 engine?
    2.roughly how much?
    3.is the gear box as same as the normal e39?


  2. juan gomez on April 18th, 2010 7:03 pm

    used about 5k rebuilt about 11k
    the only car that came with the same gear box was the 540 m sport 6 speed tranny

  3. dj on June 8th, 2010 9:34 pm

    3. Not exactly the same. The M5 unit is modified a bit to handle the extra power.

  4. Andrew on July 23rd, 2010 10:11 pm

    The Z8 also came with the same gear box.