E39 M5 Reliability

e39 m5 reliability - how reliable is the bmw e39 m5?There’s no question when buying any high performance car that cost of ownership and reliability is top of mind for most people. The E39 M5 is a car that many would include in this conversation as it has lots of technology under the hood which can be very expensive to fix.

Specifically, the ECU and induction system are quite advanced. Fortunately, the E39 M5 does not have a history of being a car known for major issues. There have been some concerns about the double vanos system in the E39 M5, however these are largely related to the rattling noise and less due to actual vanos failure.

The vanos system is very reliable, but does require some attention over the long term. The ECU is a Bosch unit which generally has been without issue.

Suspension on the E39 M5, like any performance, car needs a thorough inspection as there are some common wear points. This would be expected for a four thousand pound car with four hundred horsepower.

Any E39 M5 that has been driven hard is going to have the usual tell-tale signs of that kind of owner. As with any car, scheduled maintenance and repair is the best antidote to ensuring long-term reliability.